IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro does a good job of rejuvenating sluggish PCs, but it has a few issues that keep it from being our top pick for tune-up utilities.

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New & Returning Tools

Advanced SystemCare Pro contains several new, system-enhancing và security-focused tools. On the system side, there"s the rebuilt IObit Undelete (which supports tệp tin recovery across internal and external storage) & a new disk optimization engine that improves disk performance. On the security side, there"s Security Reinforce (which helps diagnose and fix system weaknesses) và Homepage Advisor (which detects homepage & tìm kiếm engine changes to avoid browser hijacking).

When you run the program, it prompts you lớn run a system scan by clicking the Scan inhỏ that lives in the widget and the desktop application. Doing so causes Advanced SystemCare Pro to lớn scour your PC for problems & initiate fixes—a standard PC tune-up utility experience.

Advanced SystemCare Pro has a handful of features that are either enhanced or aren"t available in Advanced SystemCare Free, including Disk Cleaner (which removes junk files), Internet Booster (which is designed khổng lồ improve sầu your PC"s Internet connection speed), and Registry Cleaner (which repairs the problematic Windows registry). It has real-time system optimization, too, which helps keep system gunk in check on the fly, too. These is a common list of features, and you find them in similar premium tune-up utilities, such as Iolo System Mechanic ($14.98 at iolo technologies) , & SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus.

Unlike Advanced SystemCare Free, Advanced SystemCare Pro has a useful desktop widget, Performance Monitor, that lets you view your PC"s CPU, disk, network, & RAM usage. In fact, the revamped tool also alerts you when those elements are running at high capacity. Performance Monitor has shortcut icons that let you power down your PC, kill processes, take a screenshot, and exedễ thương other useful features. It"s a fine way to get at-a-glance information about your computer without opening the full-kích cỡ Advanced SystemCare Pro application.


Advanced SystemCare Pro also urges you khổng lồ tải về other IObit software to protect your PC & improve sầu its performance. For example, if Advanced SystemCare Pro doesn"t detect third-party antivirus software on your PC, it suggests downloading IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate, which fights malware. If you want a big picture view of the PC protection landscape, check out our roundup of the best antivi khuẩn software.

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You"ll also need to tải về separate, but free, applications for updating your computer"s drivers, shredding files, and adding the FaceID facial recogniton software. cảnh báo also that not all these downloads are không tính phí. For example, Smart Defrag Pro, a feature best used on hard drive-based PCs, is a $3.99 purchase. IObit Uninstaller Pro is an additional $4.99. I really wish that those features were integrated into Advanced SystemCare Pro. I can tolerate a free phầm mềm trying khổng lồ upsell me, but I"m less forgiving of sales popups from software for which I"ve already paid $đôi mươi.

Performance Improvements

I tested Advanced SystemCare Pro"s ability lớn breathe new life inkhổng lồ a PC by performing two tests—running the Geekbench system performance tool & measuring boot times—before and after running the software lớn compare the computer"s tốc độ. As always, I ran each chạy thử three times and averaged the results.

Before the software tuned the system, a 2GHz Hãng sản xuất Intel Core i7 X990 Style-chú ý notebook with 4GB of RAM and an 80GB Hãng sản xuất Intel SSD drive achieved a 5,914 Geekbench score & booted in 50.3 seconds.

After I ran Advanced SystemCare Pro, system performance improved. The GeekBench score rose lớn 6,104—more than 200 points behind Anvisoft Cloud System Booster"s category-leading 6,328 score. The testbed"s boot time decreased to 44.2 seconds, which finished several paces behind AVG TuneUp"s 30.9-second mark. All in all, however, Advanced SystemCare Pro had a definite, positive impact on the PC.

After running the tests, I used the computer extensively khổng lồ get a sense of how the tiện ích had changed the responsiveness of the machine. Advanced SystemCare Pro delivered a noticeable performance improvement. The entire operating system moved at a snappier pace even with iTunes và Steam open.

Makes a Real Difference

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is a noteworthy tune-up utility that deftly improves PC performance. It may not quite measure up to AVG TuneUp and Iolo System Mechanic, the category"s Editors" Choices, but the program comes cthua thảm và is a bit less expensive. It"s unfortunate that IObit has license limitations & requires you to tải về (và, in some cases, pay for) other software for the full tune-up experience, but Advanced SystemCare Pro is a solid application, nonetheless.