Advanced system optimizer 3

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is a combination of tweakers, optimizers, enhancers, privacy protectors, organizers and other utilities to help make your PC run more smoothly.Much like CCleaner, the utilities included in Advanced System Optimizer work in the background khổng lồ efficiently manage system performance, raise system productivity, protect your privacy & contribute to the enhanced performance of your PC. Advanced System Optimizer includes around 30 tools khổng lồ supercharge your PC"s performance, and more than 200 tweaks for customizing Windows and improving its performance.

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1: Easy User Interface :

The user interface is very intuitive sầu, so you should not have any navigational problems, whether you are a first-time or experienced user.

2: Smart PC Care :

Start the Smart PC Care feature in order to scan (quichồng, deep, custom) your computer for junk files & folders, fragments on the disk drive sầu, spyware & malware, web-based traces, outdated and missing drivers, registry errors, & fragments in registry.

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3: Driver Updater

Driver Updater takes all of the tedious work out of keeping your system’s drivers up lớn date! By scanning your system, Driver Updater is able to automatically download and install the latest updates for all of the drivers for all of your components.

4: Registry Cleaner & Optimizer

Furthermore, you can repair Windows registry errors, optimize registry entries, clean & optimize the disk and the environment so that you can safely play high-demanding video clip games, boost memory, and update drivers.5: Privacy Protector

But Advanced System Optimizer also protects you against web-based attacks, securely wipes files & folders, password-protects sensitive sầu files, has a backup and restore system, fixes comtháng problems found in Windows, scans the system for duplicate files, và more.

6: Much More

Howe To Activate

1: Install Advanced System Optimizer

3: Use Given Key OR Patch To Register The Program

4: That"s It Enjoy !!



DOWNLOADAdvanced System Optimizer 3.9.3645 + Key+ Patch <17MB> | Mirror | MirrorAdvanced System Optimizer Key + Patch | Mirror