Looking suspiciously like a math game from the outset, Colonizer is a strangely compelling action game. Your task is to lớn colonize new planets on a star map. You fire off rockets towards each world lớn inhabit them. Each planet is designated a number và requires that many hits from missiles to lớn make it yours.

As you’re doing this, you face off against other opponents trying lớn colonize planets. If the opponent’s rocket is the last khổng lồ hit a world, they’ll take it. However, this situation works for you too! Its premise may be simple, yet its blend of perfect difficulty cấp độ and ease of play makes the game endlessly playable.

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Best Offline Strategy Games on Android

Plague Inc (Free with $0.99 upgrade) by Miniclip SA

As one of the most well-known mobile games, Plague Inc. is definitely worth playing. It’s inexpensive, endlessly replayable, and reasonably educational—its creator was invited to the CDC in 2013 to lớn talk about using games as an education tool. Plague Inc. tasks you with designing & evolving a disease in an attempt lớn wipe out humanity.

By successfully infecting và eradicating countries, you earn funding to develop the plague with new symptoms, infection methods, & transmission modes. One darkly enjoyable aspect also comes from being able to lớn name your disease, resulting in notifications like “Minions have sầu eradicated the US.” The nâng cấp provides game fast-forwarding, genetic code modifications, additional “Mega Brutal” difficulty, và ALL ads removed.

XCOM: Enemy Within ($4.99) by 2K, Inc./Take-Two Interactive

Another popular PC game ported to lớn Smartphone is XCOM: Enemy Within. Take charge of XCOM, the Earth’s last line of defense against an invasion. You respond khổng lồ UFO sightings & alien attacks, retìm kiếm materials acquired from enemies, and commvà và nâng cấp a squad of soldiers as they face ever-growing threats. The gameplay is addictive sầu & intuitive, remaining hard enough lớn stay engaged without being too tricky.

Best Offline Simulation Games on Android

Fallout: Shelter (Free with In-App Purchases) by Bethesda Softworks LLC

Fallout: Shelter has become more popular than the game series that spawned its creation, with more downloads under its belt than the best-selling entry has had sales. In this base-building RPG, you’re tasked with designing an underground fallout shelter. To look after a growing roster of dwellers you must provide enough water, and food to lớn survive sầu.

You’ll even have sầu to send inhabitants out inlớn the wastelvà khổng lồ collect items to aid in defense of your shelter. Fans of the series will love sầu Fallout: Shelter, but it’s also entertaining for those without prior knowledge, & there’s enough content to keep you coming back.

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Best Offline Role Playing/Card Games on Android

Star Realms (Free with In-App Purchases) by White Wizard Games

Nearly every card game on Smartphone requires the mạng internet to lớn sync card collections và challenge other players. Fortunately, Star Realms can be played offline, & it just happens khổng lồ also be one of the best card games you can play. There’s a very challenging AI that keeps you coming back for more as you desperately try khổng lồ perfect your strategies & beat it.

Originally released as a physical deck-building card game it’s seen as a second life as an phầm mềm. Although, you bởi vì have sầu lớn pay to lớn access the expansion packs & campaigns.

Occidental Heroes (Free with In-App Purchases) by Ensit Media


Occidental Heroes is an old-school type role-playing game (RPG), where the joy of playing comes from its simpliđô thị. Split between an overworld and turn-based battles; you take control of three warriors as they explore the l& while trying to lớn earn money. Things aren’t that simple, though, as Occidental Heroes features the wonderful roguelượt thích charm of permadeath. Between worrying about your entire squad getting mauled by bears, or being angry that you lost everything because said bears mauled your team, Occidental Heroes is an immersive sầu and interesting RPG that you’ll find yourself starting over again & again.

OK, that’s it for now! Have some fun without worrying about lost di động signals or disappearing Wi-Fi connections.

Just be sure khổng lồ download the apps, install them, & launch them for the first time when you have a data signal of some sort, or else they may not work when offline.

If you have sầu a particular offline favorite, let us know, và if the downloads & ratings are high enough, and the reviews are good, we may add it to lớn the list!