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There is a webcam settings dialog in Windows which can be accessed inside Skype and some other apps, but I want lớn be able to lớn open it directly. How can I open it directly? I have attached screenshot of dialog for reference.

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I know this thread is old but inspired from stevek_mcc"s answer, I made a small script lớn launch the webcam settings dialog directly from Windows.

Github: webcam-settings-dialog-windows

Hope this could help someone!


Thanks khổng lồ Fishcake"s answer, I was able to lớn find a program that offers command-line access lớn the same ISpecifyPropertyPages interface as AForge"s DisplayPropertyPage, và thus allows us to open the dialog: ffmpeg.

Start a cmd prompt và change lớn that directory: cd utils

Find the exact name of your device, either from Control Panel | Devices & Printers or by running ffmpeg:

C:utils>ffmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy -hide_banner 0000022fd7ac8440> "USB 2.0 CAMERA"Run ffmpeg to show the dialog:

ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="USB 2.0 CAMERA"


I have written a little program lớn vì chưng this và also lớn allow saving camera settings in different profiles.




Thanks for the answer. And sorry about the downvotes. This site is not very friendly towards new users.
The only way I"ve sầu managed khổng lồ launch it without using an external program (e.g. Skype) was to lớn use AForge.Net

Using AForge.Net, you can launch the property window by simply calling DisplayPropertyPage on a VideoCaptureDevice

videoCaptureDevice.DisplayPropertyPage(IntPtr.Zero);Using AForge.Net might be overkill for just displaying the property page (I was using it already for some image manipulation) but you can view the source lớn see what it is doing under the hood. The DisplayPropertyPage method is in the class VideoCaptureDevice.cs

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this time properly posted in the OBS forum"s tools section:


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I just wrote my own simple script khổng lồ quickly let me access the webcam settings for both my cameras, as the option to access the settings in most other applications are missing, except in Lync/Skype for Business (which hopefully notoàn thân uses anymore.)

Anyway, I thought it"d be nice to tóm tắt what I learnt.

Mixed Winbatch and PowerShell script

Its a mixed Winbatch & PowerShell script that enumerates all cameras và opens the Camera Property dialog for each of them using ffmpeg. Its mixed because I didn"t want to modify my ExecutionPolicy-settings, where a regular .ps1-script would otherwise halt on confirming a ExecutionPolicy Change.

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for /f "Usebackq Tokens=* Delims=" %%a in (`powershell.exe pháo -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Comm& "(Get-PnpDevice).where$_.Class -eq "Camera".FriendlyName"`) bởi ( ffmpeg.exe -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="%%a")DescriptionThe script basically consists of a Winbatch For-loop that enumerates Cameras using PowerShell and opens its properties using ffmpeg.

The PowerShell-part of the script also hides the terminal window that ffmpeg otherwise generates:

powershell.exe -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Comm& "..."The same PowerShell part of the script also enumerates all Camera devices:

(Get-PnpDevice).where$_.Class -eq "Camera".FriendlyName

WinBatch Alternative (without any usage of PowerShell)

Uses PnPUtil khổng lồ query for Camera devices.PnPUtil comes built into lớn newer versions of Windows & replaces Windows Device Console (Devbé.exe) that only comes with WDK, Visual Studio, & the Windows SDK for desktop apps.

emang lại offsetlocal enabledelayedexpansionfor /f "Usebackq Tokens=2 Delims=:" %%i in (`pnputil /enum-devices /Class Camera ^| find /i "Device Description"`) vì chưng ( mix cam=%%i rem trlặng double spaces mix cam=!cam: =! rem remove sầu a space from the beginning of the string phối cam=!cam:~1! ffmpeg.exe cộ -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i video="!cam!")

PowerShell alternative

(will complain about ExecutionPolicy change depending on your configuration)

Uses Get-PnpDevice from the PowerShell module PnpDevice to lớn query for Camera devices.The PowerShell module PnpDevice comes with at least Windows Server 2012-2019 và Windows 10.

And yes, you can các mục the camera devices using ffmpeg too, but you"ll have sầu to lớn vì chưng some string manipulation in order lớn use its values in a loop.