I've sầu looked for it for about 2 hours và found nothing at all. All of the serial keys don't work or are giả, so is there even a crack yet?


The only "'"""crack""""" I know of is cutting & re-pasting the "RegInfo.ini" tệp tin from the Camtasia 9 folder & opening the program (but you have to vày this every time you open the program). Then when you need khổng lồ export, turn off your mạng internet, type in a kém chất lượng serial key, và export normally as the servers try checking if the key is real. You can turn on your internet right as it starts exporting, no problem.

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However, I'm in a similar predicament as you. Because the safe spot where I kept my fake serial key has been compromised, & now I don't have it. This sucks major ass, of course, & after countless searching I found your post, OP.

The key was in the bình luận section of this đoạn phim --> but it was taken down so I can't retrieve sầu it. Waybaông chồng machine doesn't have anything either. Sorry brother

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is this what you're looking for bro?


edit: above doesn't work

BUT I FOUND A WAY!!!!!! i'm on the lathử nghiệm version

the key up there didn't work nether did, editing that tệp tin in Program data!! but here's a trick!

you have sầu to lớn get the 30 days message when you run the tiện ích và then enter this key


worked like a charm man!

it said validating or some shit & i knew that's the old message that means it works.

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và indeed i exported the tệp tin without the water mark.

this might have sầu nothing to vị with it, but before entering the key above i entered


& it said this is a camtaisa studio 8 key!!!

and then i entered the new one. maybe this is a bug in their software

try both ways.

edit 2: formating


my reg tệp tin looks like this, & indeed my file was without a water mark và i already uploaded it lớn YT