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Design animated graphics & visual effects at professional level with Adobe"s complete creative composition and animation software, Adobe After Effects


Every day there are more & more image, drawing, and animation professionals capable of making the most of complex and complicated software such as Adobe"s. This time around, we want khổng lồ talk to you about Adobe After Effects, the creative composition & animation application of this brvà that has managed to lớn become a standard in its sector.

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This program is specialized in Clip & animations. Thanks to lớn the latter, movie, TV, and audiovisual professionals can create animations, apply all sorts of effects lớn moving images or work on all three dimensions of their videos.

Design animated graphics at professional levels & incredible visual effects for movies, TV và the Internet.

What can I use After Effects for?

This software to create animations and graphics comes along with the following main features:

Allows you to lớn combine 2D & 3 chiều elements in the same composition.You can create, work and animate with texts và vector graphics.Includes a huge amount of visual effects that can improve colors, distort waves, give 3 chiều aspect or improve sầu image sharpness.

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Allows the animation of graphics, texts, & videos by using keyframes.Enables the full-screen pReview on a separate monitor, by means of Mercury Transmit.Integrates with Adobe Kuler, for the creation of color schematics.Possibility lớn animate graphics, đoạn Clip, và text through keyframes.Integrates perfectly into Creative sầu Cloud Libraries so that the user can make the most of all the Look files, colors, images & other creative sầu resources available.

What"s new in the 2019 version of After Effects?

The lakiểm tra version of this program by Adobe has surprised its users with all sorts of new features that simplify the work of professionals và turn it into lớn the most complete software in its field:

Allows users lớn work collaboratively on team projects using shared templates.Includes a new 3D processor that allows us khổng lồ quickly create 3 chiều logos & text.Performance improvements thanks khổng lồ better & smarter graphics card processing.Certain effects have been accelerated such as brightness, contrast, mosaic, or shine.Installed TypeKit fonts are automatically synchronized with the software.Possibility to lớn save compositions as a text template lớn share with other editors.Option to freeze the last frame of the layer until the kết thúc of the composition.You can customize the name và location templates of the output modules with the time and date.Native sầu export of QuickTime files with the Avid DNxHD/HR codec.

Although you can"t tải về After Effects for không tính tiền, Adobe offers its customers a miễn phí one-month trial version through its Creative sầu Cloud platform. If after those 30 days you consider that the software is appropriate for your needs, you have to purchase one of its monthly licenses that cost about 60€ for particular clients, 70€ for companies, and 20€ for students and teachers.