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Keeps your PC running at peak performance.

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Fully optimizes Windows for ultimate system performance and top Internet tốc độ by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC and your network configuration. It turns your PC inlớn a business PC, a productive sầu workstation, an entertainment center, a game machine, or a scientific computing PC.Defends PC security with extra protection. Detects & analyzes Windows security environment. Scans và removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files in order khổng lồ prsự kiện spyware, hackers & hijackers from installing malicious programs on your computer. Erases & updates your PC’s activity histories.One click to solve sầu as many as 10 common PC problems. Advanced SystemCare inherits the ease-of-use from previous versions, with more powerful capabilities. With one clichồng, it scans and repairs ten PC problems and protects your PC from hidden security threats.Real-time optimization with ActiveBoost function. ActiveBoost, giải pháp công nghệ that actively runs in the background intelligently managing system resources in real-time, constantly detects inactive sầu resources and optimizes CPU and RAM usage.Cloud technology lớn keep database up-to-date. The new “Cloud” technology ensures the database is kept updated at all times so that you can benefit from the lathử nghiệm definitions & configurations.Boost your PC for working & gaming. You now have sầu two Turbo Boost options, Work Mode and Game Mode. In addition, you can now adjust the configuration of each mode from the main screen.Next-generation registry deep clean và optimizer. Safely cleans registry junk, compacts registry bloats và defragments the whole registry for maximum performance.

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Finds and fixes the registry errors that other utilities miss with “Deep Scan” technology.Automatically works in the background. This powerful utility works continuously, automatically và quietly in the background on your PC. You can phối the program on a regular schedule or just let it work automatically when your PC is idle.New UI công nghệ for quicker start & less resource usage! With the new UI giải pháp công nghệ, Advanced SystemCare will start up faster using fewer system resources.New architecture & re-written source codes for 32bit/64bit system! These improvements will make your PC work more efficiently & steadily, stabilizing even older systems.Improved Care module with more powerful clean & optimization functions. The new developments in the “Care” module include features such as “Start-up Optimization”, which will scan and clean your PC much more effectively.Powerful hard drive defragmentation. Fast, powerfully & incredibly effective sầu Disk Defrag function lớn defragment hard drives – up khổng lồ 10 times faster than other defragmentation tools.
Title: Advanced SystemCare Professional v9.0.3.1078 Developer: trang chủ Page License: Shareware Language: Multilingual OS: Windows
+ New Designed User Interface – Supported maximizing UI and adjusting Font Size for simpler and better user experience. + New Speed Up – Troubleshooting bottlenecks of your system, disks và browsers khổng lồ get a faster PC. + Enhanced Protect – Protect your system and browser effectively with new added DNS Protect, enhanced Homepage Protection, Browser Anti-Tracing và etc. + Redesigned Toolbox – Added My Favorite Tools & deeply clean and optimize PC with new added Large Files Finder, improved Startup Manager và other 10+ tools. + Enhanced Startup Manager – With added Recommendation and improved database, intelligently tốc độ up your boot time and get rid of dangerous startup items with 1- cliông xã. + Faster and Powerful Uninstaller 5 – Enhanced the uninstall engine và enlarged app database for more rapid, accurate and thorough uninstallation. + Supported Windows 10 – Fully supported cleaning and optimization of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge & Modern Apps with enhanced Registry Clean, Internet Boost, System Optimization, Privacy Sweep & etc. + Strengthened Spyware Removal – Powerful scanning lớn detect and eliminate spyware, adware và other malware with no worry. + Expanded Database – Larger database of Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Clean and Surfing Protection to protect your PC better. * And More lớn be Discovered by You.

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