Create A New Windows Hosts File

Hosts files are the files that bản đồ the actual hostnames of the systems to lớn respective IPhường addresses. It is a normal text file containing the mapping of the before-mentioned items. If the hosts files are missing from your computer & you are trying to lớn manually restore the file on your own, you are at the right place. We are going lớn showcase how to create the host file step by step.

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How khổng lồ create hosts file manually in Windows 10

Follow these steps to lớn create the hosts tệp tin manually on your own.

1. At first, you need to lớn type “Notepad” in the search box.

2. After that, right-cliông xã on the “Notepad” và then cliông chồng on “Run as administrator“.


3. Once the Notepad screen opens up, copy-paste this code on the blank Notepad page.

4. Once you have pasted the text, click on the “File” on the menu-bar và then cliông xã on “Save as“.


5. Choose a location to lớn save sầu the file (preferably, on your desktop).


6. Name the tệp tin as “hosts.file“.

7. Click on “Save As“.

In Save as Type , Just choose All files as option.


Once you have saved the host file, you can cthua kém the Notepad window.

8. Go khổng lồ the location where you have just saved the file.

9. Right-clichồng on the “hosts.file” & clichồng on “Rename“.


10. Name the tệp tin as “hosts“. (Just remove .file from the end)

You may see a prompt warning about the file type change, just clichồng on ‘Yes’ to confirm the change.

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11. After that, select the file and right-cliông chồng và, clichồng on the “Cut” lớn cut it.


12. Go to lớn this folder location on your system –


13. Paste the ‘hosts’ tệp tin here and your task is done.

Click Yes the prompt to lớn replace the tệp tin.


That’s it! You have sầu successfully restored the host tệp tin on your computer.

You may restart your computer once to let this change take effect.

Alternate method

If the above steps are looking too much for you, don’t worry! We have sầu something stored just for you. Just download this tệp tin and paste it in the right directory lớn achieve sầu the same results.

1. Simply, click on this link.

2. Then, cliông xã on “Download” to tải về the file on your system.


3. After that, unzip the ‘‘ tệp tin in a location of your choice.


4. Go lớn the location where you have sầu extracted the tệp tin.

5. Copy the ‘hosts’ file from the location.


6. Go lớn this folder location on your system –


7. Paste the ‘hosts’ file in the thư mục.

This should vì the job. This is the way lớn restore the host file on your computer.

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