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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Description

Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City coincides with the 10th anniversary of the release, finally launched the GTA3 series of second works. As a crime-themed action game, GTA3 is famous for its superb cấp độ of freedom, believing that players who have sầu come into lớn tương tác with this game will marvel at their "playability", & players can vày whatever they want in the game Things, such as grab car grab banks và so on. All this gives the player a subversive impression of the traditional action game thinking, different from the traditional one-way course of action games, và GTA3 as a milestone in the entire series, describing the degree of freedom is even deeper into lớn an unprecedented realm, Let the player get the real liberation in the game, no worries to vent, the real interpretation of the "release" word.

Game tells the story of the gangster in the background of Miangươi in 1986 in the United States, the protagonist Tommy Vercetti was originally a gangster in the bastard, but under the chance to lớn sover the boss to lớn see Marx, and then took over the site. The so-called "evil city" map is precisely the "southernmost port đô thị of Miami" in the United States. Due to lớn its port in the area where drugs are rampant such as Cuba & Colombia, the drug trade prevailed in the 1980s. The story of the game is based on this happen.

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The game uses a high degree of freedom of the 3D perspective sầu, the thành phố scene rendering is like a resort, people"s clothing and the vehicles are revealed the bursts of retro atmosphere of the 1980s, while the background music game also followed the pop style, in the More than 90 classic songs of the 80"s appear in different scenes, giving players a more immersive sầu feel in the game.

The game also continue khổng lồ follow the GTA series proud of free mode, players can step by step based on the main tasks to improve their fame & influence, and the game does not have a hard line lớn complete the task, you can choose lớn step by step, you can also all the way Sing, thoroughly implement the core tenet of "bad guys" - grab a good car rampage, and even choose lớn hit the ngân hàng smashed grab burning. It can be said for this original authentic inherited all the advantages of the former, super freedom degrees worthy of the name of the GTA series milestone.

As a porting work, GTA3 in terms of operability and lens control have done quite well, well adapted khổng lồ the phone platform, there is no acclimatization, such as the car after the brake, reversing & speakers are a button a function All form of step by step phối in the interface, fighting, driving & shooting operations are fully integrated. If you think it is not used, it can also make adjustments in the settings, the location of the virtual rocker và mode settings lớn facilitate their own operating habits.

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The game supports 8 different languages, but no Chinese version, for the GTA task control I am afraid I have sầu lớn spkết thúc some time to lớn study, but in the past the maps is still very clear biệu tượng công ty, clear, so do not understand the task does not matter, completely You can go through the maps lớn explore groping - unless it has time constraints. And when you arrive at the venue there is a big arrow logo, whether you are familiar with the 8 languages, as long as you have the patience, you can also enjoy this fun to lớn complete the task.

GTA series of games in general khổng lồ maintain the original style, at the same time in this will be more than 100 kinds of different modes of transport, lighting effects & scene modeling also made a careful optimization! However, the relatively recent launch of the 3D action game masterpiece, will still be inferior, while the lens control will occasionally appear slow response phenomenon.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City maintained its quality classic elements, for this 10-year-old game is still svào, he naturally became a quality symbol, but if the single play, maybe you will find that its first amazing experience of freedom has been gone as time goes by, like most of the nostalgic games left behind, so that the player harvest more is moving, not a surprise.