This Pack Contains The Following Contents1. Chicken Invaders 12. Chicken Invaders 23. Chicken Invaders 2 : XMas (Christmas)4. Chicken Invaders 35. Chicken Invaders 3 : XMas (Christmas)6. Chicken Invaders 3 : Easter Edition7. Chicken Invaders 4 : Ultimate Omlete

Chicken Invaders
is a series of shoot "em up đoạn Clip games, developed by InterAction Studios& released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X và Linux systems. Currently, there are four(Soon lớn be five) đoạn phim games in the series, along with four special editions.The main theme of the game is a battle between a lone combat spacecraft & atechnologically-advanced race of space-faring chickens intent on subjugating (& laterdestroying) Earth. The games make heavy use of humour, especially in form of parodies ofGalaxian, Star Wars & Star Trek.

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Chicken Invaders
, the first đoạn Clip game in the series is a very simple game: The levelsconsist of ten waves of attacking space chickens. The waves never differ, keeping in thesame order wave after wave sầu, but they vì chưng increase in difficulty. In all the waves, the enemy(chickens) drops eggs from the top, which have sầu to be dodged. Player needs lớn collect gifts(parcels) to receive points và lớn tăng cấp the primary weapon. Primary weapon can beupgraded up to lớn 8 levels. One or two players can play the game. The player may also collectvà use Missiles. A missile is hard lớn acquire but can wipe out an entire wave of chickens.The game does not have a storyline beyond one sentence description given by the producer
Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave is the second game in the series. It can be played by oneor two players. The player takes comm& of the same lone spacecraft of the previous andmust eliminate the chicken infestation of the solar system. The game features elevenlevels, each of which consists of 10 waves of attacking hostiles. In all the waves,chickens attack by dropping eggs which have to be dodged.Player may collect different items that helps hyên in the game. Primary weapons may bechanged by collecting parcels. Power-ups may also be collected to tăng cấp the primaryweapon. Weapons may be upgraded up to lớn eleven levels. The eleventh màn chơi however, is onlyacquired by collecting ten power-ups. Player may collect & accumulate drumsticks to getmissiles, powerful weapons that can wipe out an entire wave.In all levels, except in the asteroid belt cấp độ, the ninth wave sầu has a bonus usually a newweapon, or extra firepower) awarded for not using missiles throughout the màn chơi, while thelast wave features a boss.InterAction Studio has also released Chicken Invaders 2: Christmas Edition in which eggsare replaced with Christmas balls & drumsticks are replaced with holly leaves.

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Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk
comprises the main game together with Easter andChristmas editions. It is similar lớn the second version (with up to 4 player cooperativeplay). It has 1trăng tròn waves, in 10 levels across 12 systems in the galaxy. There are 30bonuses. Weapons have sầu 11 power levels, và a secret 12th màn chơi, which can only be reachedby acquiring an additional 10 powerups after the 10th màn chơi powerup (the 20th). There arealso eight which are unlocked after repeatedly completing the game.The plot has the anh hùng heading lớn Space Burger, famished as usual, when a twinkling behindthe sun was spotted. When the anh hùng arrives at that twinkling, he comes upon a giant eggthat may or may not my built out of the Mother Hen ship. This egg, known as the Yolk Star,pushed the player inkhổng lồ a blaông chồng hole after the player gets hyên ổn angry. The player arrives atthe other kết thúc of the galaxy and must battle his way baông chồng and destroy the Yolk Star beforeit destroys earth.
The fourth game (UO) is similar to lớn Revenge of the Yolk. It has 1đôi mươi waves across 12 levels.It includes weapons which can be upgraded through 11 power levels, with a supercharged 12thmàn chơi. The weapons from Revenge of the Yolk are available as "unlockables". UltimateOmelette unlockables can be purchased individually by collecting keys, which are droppedfrom destroyed enemies during the course of the game. A new feature in this game is thecapability of the player"s spaceship to face in any direction depending on the màn chơi (itwas always facing up in previous games), & the camera can also zoom in or out dependingon the wave (boss fights typically have the camera zoomed out lớn contain all the action).The plot begins with the player/anh hùng at Space Burger. A portal suddenly opens và a shipcomes out. The ship says its name is Hen Solo and urges the hero lớn follow him lớn hisgalaxy lớn see the Chickens" lachạy thử creation, the Egg Cannon. The player heads through hisgalaxy & other strange places to confront the Egg Cannon.On 24 June 2011 the UO was updated khổng lồ version 4.05, which added support lớn German, Spanish,and for the first time Russian. The Russian translation was performed with poetry forms andmultiple allusions to classic literature (e.g. J.Steinbeông chồng, H.Miller & many others),Russian music (Nautilus Pompilius, Kino, Zemlyane và others) & Russian reality.
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