Download teamviewer for windows

Have you ever been in a situation where a frikết thúc or family member calls you with questions about their computer? Let"s say your mother just got a desktop computer and she has no idea how lớn access the mạng internet, add bookmarks, tải về pictures, or other tasks of that kind. You could hotline her and walk her through everything like you have a thousand times before, but she doesn"t even know the names of basic functions or actions, like "internet browser", "tool bar", or even "address bar". Explaining to someone how khổng lồ bởi vì anything over the phone is difficult because you aren"t there and can"t physically see it. TeamViewer is a software program that can help you! With this software, you can use your computer or other compatible devices lớn remotely connect to someone else"s và control that device lượt thích you would if you were there. If it seems amazing, that"s because it is!

Simple remote desktop access via your desktop or thiết bị di động device

TeamViewer is software that will allow you khổng lồ access someone else"s computer from wherever you are.

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Once you are connected, you can essentially vì anything on the other user"s computer that they can vì. View files và pictures, play games, tải về content & make other changes - total control is in the palm of your h&, or rather, on your screen.

Setup is simple. On the TeamViewer trang web, you can choose from a few different versions of the software. If for a single user you"d tải về the Business license, Premium grants a few people access for one session at a time, và Corporate allows teams khổng lồ use the software with up to three sessions in use at a time. If you"re not sure which one you"d lượt thích & want to lớn see how the software works first, you can tải về a version for personal use for a trial run.

Once you"ve sầu downloaded the software, select how you"re going khổng lồ use it in the pop-up window, & the installation will begin. When it is finished, a really handy tutorial page will open in your browser. The guide goes over how to phối up the software, gives you tips on how to lớn navigate the interface, và provides usual manuals on TeamViewer for meetings, the management console, how to use the ITbrain management platsize and more.

We"ve sầu finally made it to lớn the main area of the software. Here, be able to vì chưng all of the controlling of other desktops, or allow others to lớn access yours. On the left side of the interface you"ll see the different functions available lớn you. The Remote Control tab is where you"ll go when you want to lớn be the one granted access to another single computer. Your ID is specific khổng lồ your device, & right under that you"ll see a password. This information is not static - it will change for every session that you start for your safety. To the right of that you"ll see "Remote Control Computer", which is where you"ll enter the ID of the desktop that you"re trying to access. Before entering that ID, choose what type of activity that you"ll be doing - whether you just want to lớn be able khổng lồ cliông xã around và view the other computer & what is on it, or if you want khổng lồ be able lớn transfer different types of files during the session. Once you enter your partner"s ID, another window will appear asking for their password. This is a great function lớn have, và guarantees that users can"t just access other computers whenever they"d lượt thích without permission. At this point, your TeamViewer window will reflect what is shown on the partner computer"s desktop và you can control and view pretty much everything.

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Where can you run this program?

This program is available for a number of devices, including computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, & iOS, Android, & Windows di động devices.

Is there a better alternative?

There are a few different options that you have sầu for alternatives out there, depending on what you"re looking for. If you"d lượt thích lớn have software available to a team of people, we would recommover Goverlan Reach. The software is secure, with encrypted channels for all involved devices, & it offers a lot of the same features as TeamViewer. The main difference is that the interface might be a little confusing to those who aren"t familiar with remote sharing software. This software is more targeted toward professionals & technicians in the IT field who need a program to help them repair another user"s computer software remotely.

Our take

We think that TeamViewer is an asset to a wide variety of different users. With all of the different versions available, you can use it for personal use (lượt thích helping your mom), or conducting meetings và displaying projects and other things remotely to a few computers or sản phẩm điện thoại devices at once, so everytoàn thân is on the same page.

Should you tải về it?

Yes. It"s everything that you need, and so simple khổng lồ install and use. A sleek kiến thiết và dark mode help with extended use that will be easy on your eyes. It"s great for even lower kết thúc pcs, with installation time only lasting about two minutes. If you’re nervous about accidentally clicking the wrong thing và connecting to a stranger on the internet, the complete guide that opens after installation is a real life saver. It is extremely detailed and will most likely answer any of the questions that you have about settings, how to run meetings using the software, và other things that the not-so-tech-savvy might have sầu concerns about. If you want lớn work from trang chính or you forgot lớn grab a file from your work computer, you can access that desktop và skết thúc it to yourself. Even better, you can access printers from the connected PC and print them somewhere else. These are just a few functions of the software, & more awesome features are added frequently to truly make using TeamViewer a chất lượng & user-friendly experience.