Tải win 8.1 pro 64bit link microsoft

Windows 8 has reach kết thúc of tư vấn, which means Windows 8 devices no longer receive sầu important security updates. We recommkết thúc making the không lấy phí upgrade khổng lồ Windows 8.1 to lớn continue receiving security updates and tư vấn.

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Upgrading your Windows 8 or Windows RT PC khổng lồ Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1 will also bring you enhancements in personalization, search, apps, the Windows Store, and cloud connectivity, all with the security and reliability features you expect from Windows.

Beginning in July 2019, the Windows 8 Store is officially closed. While you can no longer install or update applications from the Windows 8 Store, you can continue using those already installed. However, since Windows 8 has been out of nhungocblog.com since January năm 2016, we encourage you to update to lớn Windows 8.1 for free.

Before you begin

The system requirements for Windows 8.1 & Windows RT 8.1 are nearly the same as the requirements for Windows 8—if your PC is already running Windows 8 (or Windows RT), in most cases, you can get the không tính phí update to Windows 8.1 (or Windows RT 8.1).Before you begin, here are some things khổng lồ keep in mind.

Your files, desktop apps, user accounts, và settings come with you. Windows 8.1 & Windows RT 8.1 come with some new built-in apps and will update or replace some of your existing built-in apps. Your existing Windows Store apps don"t come with you, but once the update is complete, you can reinstall all of these apps at once—or just the ones you want.

We"ll kiểm tra your desktop apps & devices for you. As part of the update, we kiểm tra your current desktop apps và connected devices. We"ll let you know what you"ll need to lớn vày to lớn get them ready for the update or to lớn get them working again after the update. In most cases, you won"t need to lớn vì chưng anything—most desktop apps, devices (lượt thích printers), and network connections will work normally after the update.

Consider using a nhungocblog.com tài khoản lớn sign in to lớn your PC. If you already use a nhungocblog.com tài khoản to sign in to lớn Windows 8 or Windows RT, you’ll use that same trương mục to sign in lớn Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1. If you don’t, we recommover that you start using a nhungocblog.com account in Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1. If you already have sầu an trương mục you use with Outlook.com, Xbox LIVE, Windows Phone, or Skype, then you already have a nhungocblog.com account.

You can keep working while the update is installing. Download & installation times vary from about 30 minutes khổng lồ several hours, depending on your mạng internet connection speed and the speed and configuration of your PC, but you can still use your PC while the update is installing in the background. During this time, make sure lớn save sầu your work và cthua thảm any apps you have open before leaving your PC unattended in case your PC needs lớn restart automatically while you’re away. After it restarts, you won"t be able khổng lồ use your PC for a little while (from about trăng tròn minutes khổng lồ an hour) while the updates are being applied. After that phase is complete, we"ll walk you through choosing a few basic settings & then Windows will finish applying any final updates that are needed.

Prepare your PC

There are a few things you should vày before you start installing:

Back up your files. Although your files và apps come with you when you update to Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, it"s a good idea to bachồng up your important files to an external drive sầu or the cloud.

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Make sure you have sầu enough miễn phí disk space. If you"re currently running Windows 8, you need 3,000 MB of available space to install the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1 and 3,850 MB of available space lớn install the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1. On a Windows RT device, you need 2,250 MB of available disk space to install Windows RT 8.1.

Plug in your máy vi tính or tablet. It"s important to lớn keep your PC plugged in throughout the update process, because if you thất bại power before it"s done, the update might not install properly.

Connect lớn the internet. It"s best lớn stay connected until the update is done. If you don"t, you’ll need lớn connect again to finish setting up later and thiết đặt will take longer.

Get the latest critical và important updates. There are some updates you might need before you can install Windows 8.1. In most cases, the latest updates will be installed automatically using Windows Update. But if you don’t have automatic updates turned on & you need to lớn kiểm tra for updates manually, or if you"d lượt thích to kiểm tra to see when the lathử nghiệm updates were installed, you can vày this from Windows Update.

Temporarily turn off your antivirut program. Some antivirut software might interfere with the installation. After you install Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, remember khổng lồ turn your antivirut program back on.

Get the không lấy phí update

The Store is no longer open for Windows 8, so you"ll need lớn tải về Windows 8.1 as a không lấy phí update.

Select Confirm & follow the remaining prompts to begin the tải về.

The update will download và install in the background while you use your PC to vị other things. The installer will check to lớn make sure you have sầu enough disk space, that your apps và devices will work with Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, & that you have sầu all the required updates.In some cases, the installer might find something you need khổng lồ take care of before you can continue installing the update. If so, you"ll see a message telling you what you need lớn vị.


After the update is downloaded và the first phase of the installation is complete (which could take between 15 minutes và a few hours, depending on your system & your connection speed), you"ll see a message telling you that your PC needs to restart. It will give sầu you 15 minutes to finish what you’re working on, save sầu your work, và cchiến bại your apps, và then it will restart your PC for you. Or you can restart it yourself.