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Today, 7 controls my trang chính entertainment experience in my living room. It does so through Media Center. I am using the same setup I blogged about here in 2007 with 7 và it’s an amazing experience. Because of how well it works for me, I wanted to lớn highlight 7 great things you can vày with Media Center in 7. 7 can easily be the center of your trang chủ entertainment experience just lượt thích it is with mine.

#1: Watch Live sầu TV on your 7 PC.

If your 7 PC has a TV tuner, you can use Media Center khổng lồ watch, pause, & rewind live sầu TV directly on your PC! If you’re 7 PC doesn’t have sầu a TV tuner, you can always add one – they are quite inexpensive sầu. Media Center in 7 supports High Definition TV (HDTV) capabilities as well. Earlier last month, we announced support for Switched Digital Video (SDV). We also announced that customers will now be able to lớn add a digital cable tuner with CableCARD support khổng lồ their PC. Previously, digital cable tuners with CableCARD support were only available on new PCs from OEMs that supported the configuration. Digital cable tuners with CableCARD support differ from standard TV tuner cards as they tư vấn digital cable through “CableCARDs” rented from your cable provider for digital cable channels. Assuming you have sầu the right subscription, this enables you to access the full line-up of channels offered by your cable provider, including the premium channels.

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There are also TV tuner cards that tư vấn “over-the-air” HDTV (ATSC) with an antenmãng cầu as well as Clear QAM.

#2: Turn your 7 PC into lớn a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)!

* Media Center lets you schedule recordings of TV shows và movies. You can even schedule lớn record all instances (new episodes) of your favorite TV show! Media Center also makes it very easy khổng lồ view all your recorded nội dung.


I talked about HDTV and the use of digital cable tuners with CableCARD tư vấn above. Microsoft & CableLabs are working together khổng lồ allow people with digital cable tuners with CableCARD support more portability with their recorded digital cable TV. Recordings that are marked as “copy freely” (CF) will now be able lớn play on other PCs and portable devices.

#3: Easily find the TV shows và movies that you want to lớn watch.

* Media Center has great search capabilities built-in so you can easily find all your favorite TV shows và movies. This makes it easier to schedule recordings.

#4: Access all your personal truyền thông in one place – no matter where it is. Media Center brings in all your digital media– photos, movies, music, and recorded TV shows – inlớn one place. Media Center also takes advantage of HomeGroup in 7 and allows you lớn access digital truyền thông content from other PCs!

With recorded digital cable TV content marked as CF – you can tóm tắt this nội dung throughout your trang chính network of 7 PCs using HomeGroup (see #2 above). You can even access it when you are away from home with Remote Media Streaming in 7.

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#5: Traông chồng your favorite sports, players, & leagues.

If you’re a sports nut, you can use Media Center khổng lồ trachồng your favorite teams và leagues. Media Center lets you traông chồng scores, players, and leagues natively within Media Center. You can also see quickly jump to lớn sports on “now” và check sports coming on “later” in Media Center too.


#6: Access your recorded TV and digital media where you want: on the PC or on the TV. 7 supports a variety of high kết thúc displays including HDTVs. You can connect your PC khổng lồ your HDTV & use Media Center khổng lồ watch và view all your media. Of course this works with a standard PC monitor too. But because 7 makes it easy to lớn giới thiệu your digital media, you can have sầu 1 PC connected to your HDTV in your home page for Media Center and bring in content from all PCs on your trang chính network to lớn that single PC connected to lớn your HDTV. You could also use the Extender for Media Center giải pháp công nghệ built inkhổng lồ your Xbox 360 lớn access the same Media Center thực đơn you are used to lớn using on your PC.

#7: Watch movies and TV episodes instantly from Netflix in Media Center in 7.


Watch streaming “Instant Play” movies & TV shows from Netflix! Also add movies khổng lồ your DVD queue if “Instant Play” is not available. Full control of your Netflix trương mục right from Media Center!

I hope these 7 great things about Media Center give sầu you some great ideas on how lớn bring your trang chính entertainment together using 7!